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About Us:

J Keeney construction is owned and operated by Joe Keeney of Ellsworth Maine. Joe has been in the construction industry for over 15 years and has been specializing in marine construction for the past 5 years. Joe and his crew have tackled many unusual projects that other construction companies have been unwilling to quote.

Joe is also a pilot and has used his skills to look over projects for clients from an aerial perspective. Please contact us if you would like to employ us for any work that requires the use of a pilot.

Joe Keeney lives with his family in Ellsworth, Maine. Joe grew up in Maine and is very familiar with all that is required to pull together construction projects in the wonderful state.

Contact Joe Keeney: cell: 207-460-7933 email: 7keeney@gmail.com

Joe Keeney Construction

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Seawall in Castine
"Joe was quick and efficient"

Granite Wall
"A work of art".

Site Work
"From the start, very professional".

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