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Maine Coast Moorings:

We can install a mooring for you for any size pleasure craft or working boat that you may have. We will review the specifications of your vessel and design a mooring system that will be suitable for your location. Once we have designed the mooring system we will assemble, deliver and install the mooring in your location.

Moorings can be made with granite blocks which are ideal for rocky bottoms where mushroom anchors are not as effective. Mushroom anchors are used in areas where the area is sand or silt and the mushroom can work its way into the ocean bottom.

Granite Mooring System in Maine

We also do any type of custom work that may be required. No job is too small or too large to be reviewed and a proposal drawn up.

Contact Joe Keeney: cell: 207-460-7933 email: 7keeney@gmail.com

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Seawall in Castine
"Joe was quick and efficient"

Granite Wall
"A work of art".

Site Work
"From the start, very professional".

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