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Shoreline Piers:

We install piers on coastal Maine. We will walk you through every step of the process including site selection, design and permitting. Then we will build a pier that will be a beautiful addition to your home or business. Some of the steps to adding a pier to your Maine shorefront property are:

  • We will help you select the best spot for your pier
  • Design the pier based on the span of materials used
  • Walk you through the entire permit process for your pier
  • Cut, deliver and install the granite and other materials

Seawall in Castine Maine
These granite blocks are ready for the construction of the pier.

Piers can also be constructed from pilings, pressure treated 40' pole that are driven into the ground and then secured together.

We also do any type of custom work that may be required. No job is too small or too large to be reviewed and a proposal drawn up.

Contact Joe Keeney: cell: 207-460-7933 email: 7keeney@gmail.com


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Seawall in Castine
"Joe was quick and efficient"

Granite Wall
"A work of art".

Site Work
"From the start, very professional".

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